Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week 1: "I didn't think it was going to be as fun as this."

I'm sorry I didn't write yesterday. We went to the temple for our p day. It was so beautiful. But I miss you guys so much. I really do. But it's so fun here. I didn't think it was going to be as fun as this. I love my companion and I love my district. How they do it in this MTC is they split you up into districts and I was in the district with all the Norte Americanos and I was called to district leader! I love all the guys in my district. It's like we're all friends at home, we're joking and teasing the entire time. I love it so much. The Spanish is coming along great, I can understand a lot of the conversation but I'm having a tough time with the pronunciation.  But my companion is Elder Wolfgramm, he's Tongan and he's from Payson. In high school he was a stud. He earned football scholarship to Utah State and Utah so we have something to talk about. Elder Doman was a wrestler from Oregon. He and I tease each other so much. Elder Gunther is most uncoordinated kid in the whole world but he is so funny. Elder Barlow and Elder Springer are so cool as well.  Me and my companion get along like best friends, I love him so much. The food is pretty good, they serve a huge variety of foods. Rice, beans, hamburgers, pasta, and everything else. But I think their juice didn't sit well with me so my stomach hasn't been feeling well lately. But in the morning I wake up at 5:40 and workout for 20 minutes and then study and then start getting ready by 6. The spirit is so strong here. I was reading in the Bible and I came across this scripture, Revelations 14:13 I think. It's perfect for TJ. But I love the Latinos. They are the coolest, humblest, nicest people I have ever known. We play soccer with them everyday. But we only have a half hour so I'm sorry if this didn't make sense or if there was errors. But I love you so much.
Elder Arbon

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Made it to the Argentina MTC

We made it here okay!!! Baggage and everything. My companion during my flights was Elder Barlow. He`s a pretty cool kid! He lived in American Fork. He didn`t play sports but he is a break dancer! We met another Elder in Fort Worth. His name is Elder Lopez! He`s from Spokane, Washington and speaks fluent Spanish. Both of his parents are from Mexico. It was nice having him around because he could talk to everyone. We also met a guy at the Fort Worth airport named Jonathon. He was born in Boliva and grew up in Brazil and Argentina. He kind of took us under his wing. He took care of us and made sure no one came and robbed us. The flight was good though! The first flight was pretty short so Elder Barlow and I just read the missionary handbook. The second flight was 10 hours long and they served us dinner and breakfast. The plane was huge! There was two different isles going down the plane with seven seats in each row. For dinner we had pasta and breakfast we had a croissant and some yogurt. I got a few hours of sleep but for the most part I read my scriptures and wrote letters. I will send those out as soon as possible. Elder Lopez`s bags never got here but the airport said they should be here tommorrow. Mine got here fine! But Argentina is so cool. The temperature is amazing. I thought it would be as humid as Missouri but it`s not even close. The weather is perfect here!!! But it`s so different here, and not just the language. The MTC only has like 30 people total and the drivers here are nuts. It`s like all Lysjes! Haha even the keyboards are different! But I love you so much and I should write every Wednesday from now on! I will try and send my letters as soon as possible! Love you and miss you!
Elder Arbon