Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 13: I had to shower out of a bucket and wash my clothes by hand.

The CCM seemed like a blink of an eye but it`s starting to slow down now. Not knowing the language is holding me back a lot. I want to take over and teach as many people as I can but I can`t because I need my companion for the language. But I know I need to be patient and it will come with time.
But this week flew by. On Monday night we got caught in a storm only a half mile away from our house but it hit us like a wall. It took us 20 minutes to get the rest of the way home because the wind and rain were so bad. The wind was so bad it would knock us off the road while we were on our bikes so we had to run along side them. The power was out for 2 days. I had to shower out of a bucket and wash my clothes by hand. It was kinda fun though!!!! We had zone conference this last week, our president came in dressed like Santa Claus, it was so funny! One of the Elders who was going home gave his testimony and said something I really liked. He said he was prideful in Jesus Christ. I think that`s awesome, pride is good if you`re prideful in the right thing or in right person. We also had divisions this week. I went and did divisions with an Elder from Brazil. He was pretty cool. But my comp has been having problems with negativity and self-confidence so we talked about it during companionship inventory and he said he`s talking to the mission psychologist. It`s been tough getting along with him but I know I was sent here to help to him, not necessary to teach. It was a pretty good week, we had another storm last night so the power is out again so I`m off to hand wash my clothes and shower out of a bucket!!!! I`m so tired by the end of the day as soon as my head hits the pillow, I am out!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for the Christmas package!!! I loved it so much!!!!! I put the tree, ornaments, and manger up as soon as I opened it! I will send a picture soon! But I really did love it so much!  I want you to listen to a talk, it reminded me of TJ and I. You`ll know it when you hear it, `He is risen` by President Monson, Sunday Morning of April 2010. I can`t wait to see you on Christmas!!!!
Your son,
Elder Arbon
Is it possible to send conference talks for my ipod? My companion and I listen to them every day during lunch and I love it. And also, could you send me those wipes? I sweat so bad here, I don`t think I`ve stopped since I stepped off the ferry! Haha

Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 12: I know you`re not suppose to focus on numbers but it doesn`t hurt to shoot for the sky does it?

Our area is awesome. It`s so huge. We get bikes so that`s been nice but my butt is just now fully used to sitting on a bike seat for eight hours a day. On P-Day we ride into town which takes about an hour and a half and then we write home at a cyper cafe, go to the store, and sometimes we`ll play soccer with our district or zone.  I miss you so much. Listen to ¨Bless my Son¨ by the Nashville Tribute Band. It made me realize I have the best mom. I cried the first time I listened to it. I`m doing really well! I love it here! We are always busy so that`s been good, no headaches but I`ve had a cough the past two weeks so hopefully it will go away soon. I haven`t used any money, we just don`t have time to buy things. But we don`t eat a lot either. We have a big lunch and then we work until the sun goes down. I love it!  This week was a fun week! People here in Uruguay think they are fine the way they are and satisfied with just getting by. That stuff makes me so mad! I have the answer to all of their problems and it will bless their life more than they can imagine, and that`s the atonement of Jesus Christ. I just wish people could see that. My companion is kind of like that too. My companion is getting on my nerves a little bit though. He`s okay with setting low goals and doesn`t care if we reach them or not. It makes me so mad!!!!! So now we set our goals the highest we can, and our goals each week are to beat everyone in our district. I know you`re not suppose to focus on numbers but it doesn`t hurt to shoot for the sky does it? I know it doesn`t. I know this is bad and I need to repent but since he`s been complaining about setting our goals so high I time our bike rides to each city and the next time we go to that city I try and beat that time. He complains so much because he`s tired, I know that`s bad but he needs to know I`m here to work. I hope he gets the picture!!!! But we had a zone meeting and I was asked to bear my testimony so that was an awesome experience. Women here are funny though, during a lesson we had two people start breast feeding right in front of us. I wanted to say, `Stop, put that thing back in your shirt` but I couldn`t. It`s tough to get people to come to church here because the church is so far away from their house and they don`t have a way of transportation. But I love it here!!! This week I want you to focus on the atonement and how you can apply it to your life. I know through the atonement we can be forgiven for our sins and forgive others. I will make you proud.
Your son,
Elder Arbon

Monday, December 3, 2012

Buenos Aires MTC/Temple

Week 11: It is so hot here, hard to sleep because it`s so hot.

How are you? I miss you! But my butt is finally getting used to riding a bike, it was killing me at first!  What is your schedule for Christmas? We need to know so we can set a schedule up. But it is Skype, I can`t wait! It is so hot here, hard to sleep because it`s so hot .  This week was a really good week. Last P-day our district got together and played soccer. That was way fun! The dogs here are crazy though. Some travel in packs and attack you if you`re not careful. I got bite right on the ankle, it broke skin and swelled up all big. It`s okay now though. We were at a members house and asked for some water and they pointed to an actual well. I couldn`t believe it. It was way cool though. I`d never seen one before. A lot of people here have never seen Americans before. Riding through some of the towns you`d think it was a parade because people stop and stare. Kind of funny!!!! We were playing soccer with the branch on Friday and we saw this guy crash on his moped (everyone has one here, most people use them to transport their whole family too, I`ve seen up to five on one). We went to help him and he was hammered out of his mind. He had a huge gash on his knee but he got up and was fine. The president of the Branch says that happens a lot here. Also,  a lot of people travel on horses here. They tie up their horses right in front of their house and everything. Love it here! On Saturday we had a branch activity where we all went over to the guy`s house we baptized last week and watched a church movie. That was a really good experience. 
Elder Arbon

Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 10: It´ll be a great experience.

How are you? You guys sound like you guys are doing so well! I´m jealous you guys went to black Friday, that was always so much fun. Great memories! Thank you for the last package, I appreciate it so much! I´m so happy to hear about Walk´s football games, I´m so mad I couldn´t be there! But tell him if he´s having trouble on top look for the Arbon tilt and if it´s not there, let him up! I´m glad Mae´s doing good, is she still afraid of her teacher? I can´t wait until Johnni starts track, I can´t wait to see her marks. I´m so grateful to have the family I do. It truly is the perfect family for me and I love you guys so much.
This week was awesome! We were suppose to leave at 4 in the morning on Tuesday but there was a huge strike in Argentina so there was no flights. We had to stay another day in the CCM. But instead we left at 12 on Wednesday on a ferry. It was so fun! The first night we got there, met the president, and stayed at the hotel by the temple. The next day we woke up at 6 and had a push up contest, it´s a tradition for all the new missionaries coming into the field. But after that we went to the clinic and got our blood drawn, teeth checked, and a physical. After that we came back to President´s house and met our new comps. My trainer’s name is Elder Manning, he´s from Las Vegas. Great guy. He´s been out a year and four months, went to a year at BYU before his mission, and played football and ran track in high school. But after we met our new comps we took a 6 hour bus ride to our area, it´s in the department of Salto and we´re in Colonia 18 de Julio. Our area is huge. We actually get to ride bikes because our area is so big. My butt is killing me because I´m not used to riding a bike 8 hours a day. But our house is so ghetto! Love it though. Toilet doesn´t flush all the way, have a washing machine (you have to fill it up with water though), no cupboards for the plates and stuff like that, floor is concrete, bugs are everywhere, every night we have to fill up our water tank. I love it though! It´ll be a great experience. The first day we went and ate with one of the members. They fed us rice with some hamburger meat, potatoes, and sweet potatoes in it. I had a hard time eating it though because there were so many flies, but it was actually pretty good. But they sat there and watched us while we ate. I felt so bad, they are so giving here. Here we only have branch of about 20 to 30 people. It used to be bigger but the old bishop stole money from the church and it offended a lot of people. The people here are all dirt poor, they work in the places called chacras (farms), a lot of them don´t even know how to read. But they are so loving and giving. We went and visited a less active member because their daughter was having a birthday party and they gave us all their food and they have nothing now. They are so humble. But right not there´s not a lot of new investigators. We did have a baptism last Saturday though, his name is Jhon, 22 years old. Great guy. But there´s not a whole lot of baptisms like I thought there would be. I guess the people here and just so relaxed. They just don´t care about much, that´s their culture. But it´s so poor here, I know it´s going to truly teach me humility.  I love it here, it´s truly a blessing to be here.
I want you to know I love you! I´m so grateful to have you in my life. I really do miss you. I hope all is well and I love you. Could you also send me a couple pictures of our family? The members like to look at pictures of your family so I want to tape them in my scriptures. Also, one of the Latinos stole my microfiber towel, they needed it more than I did, so could you send me a new one?
Your son,
Elder Arbon

Friday, November 23, 2012

We would like to inform you of the arrival of your son to the Uruguay Montevideo West Mission.

Dear Arbon Family,

We would like to inform you of the arrival of your son to the Uruguay Montevideo West Mission. He arrived here safe and sound on Wednesday night and met President and Sister Heaton. He received some training in the mission home to help him get to know the mission and feel comfortable in Uruguay. The missionaries had dinner with the Heaton Family. On Thursday met his trainer and left for his new area. His preparation day will be on Monday so you will be able to hear from him then. It is such an exciting time for him, and we wanted to share it with you. We have included a picture of your son with President and Sister Heaton. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to get in contact with us. Our email is We thank you for all you have done as parents to help your son reach this point in his life. 

Elder David E. Bossa
Statistical Secretary
Uruguay Montevideo West Mission

Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 9: I leave tomorrow morning at 4am.

I´m sorry this email is so short, we only have ten minutes to write this week.  This last Saturday we got an old lady to commit to come to church. Such an amazing experience! But my comp and I are so close now. We tease each other like Ethan, Drew, and I used too. I´m going to miss my old district though. We got so close. I leave tomorrow morning at 4am. The next time I write will be next Monday.  I want you to know I love you and I miss you.
Your missionary,
Elder Arbon

Friday, November 16, 2012

Week 8: I just can´t wait to get to work in Uruguay.

I´m doing so good! How are you? My head is doing good. I try not to play soccer everyday because I get too competitive! I´m so glad you got to see Cody.  I´m so jealous. How is he? He´s emailed me a few times but you know how he emails. I leave either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning for Uruguay! I just can´t wait to get to work in Uruguay. I´m so ready to work! The language is coming along great. The Latino comp has helped me out so much. I can´t wait for Christmas either, I´m so excited to see you (skype)! But my comp isn´t from Quito, tell Brianne sorry. Tell Walk man good luck at his tournament, I wish I could be there!  This week was a really good week! It was hard to get used to my companion at first but now I love the guy. He´s so funny! He asked to come stay in Utah so hopefully you will get to see him. But he´s such a great kid. Not a lot happened this week. I just can´t wait to get out to Uruguay! I will email you on Monday, it´ll only be a short one because we only have ten minutes. I love you and I miss you! I´ll make you proud!
Your missionary,
Elder Arbon

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Week 7: "After you see the gospel touch someone’s life, you have to know this gospel is true."

How´s everything going? I miss you! I´m so glad you are doing okay! It sounds like the family is doing so good! I miss all you guys so much! Mitt Romney lost? Are you serious? What does that mean for our country? Was the election close? That makes me so upset.
It was a good week this week! On Wednesday it was just the gringos and we all played soccer together. We were playing and I kicked the ball and it hit a kid in the head and it knocked him out cold. I think it must of hit him just right! He got up and was okay but I was still laughing so hard! I apologized after though! On Halloween my district came and slept in my room and we put up your decorations you sent me and ate the candy grandma sent me! We stayed up until 12 just talking about home. It was so much fun! Proseltismo was so cool! We went back to the guy we had taught for the past two weeks and we taught him another lesson. We invited him to be baptized and he accepted!!!!!! It was such a cool experience. I´m just mad we won´t be able to see him get baptized. It was such an amazing experience to see the gospel touch his life. After you see the gospel touch someone’s life, you have to know this gospel is true. On Monday, I got a latino companion. He´s name is Elder Segovia, from Ecuador. He´s a convert, been a member for only two years and has a huge tattoo down his right calf. Love him to death but I know God is truly trying to teach me patience. They are so different as a culture. They have no personal space and they take everything. I don´t mind him using my stuff but I don´t like being touched, I know I need to be more Christlike but I´m not a big fan of guys toughing me. I can communicate but it´s so basic. I don´t have a personality in spanish yet but I´m getting there.
Thank you so much for the letters and the packages! I look forward to them every week! I´m sorry this email was so short today. We didn´t have a lot of time to write. But I love you. 
Elder Arbon

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Week 6: "We have so much success, you can tell it`s all the spirit because our language is so bad."

I´m doing so good! Life is so good. The language is progressing so fast. You can tell the spirit is here helping the Elders. When Elder Doman got Johnni’s letter he wrote her back that second. I had to proofread it so it´ll have my signature at the bottom of the page! Haha I'm so happy for Cameron and Alysha!!!!!! I wish I could have been there...but please send a ton of pictures! Did Lysje get her call today? I´m so excited for her!!!! I really wish I could be there, she´s gonna be such a great missionary. I predict she´s gonna go to Uruguay, Montevideo West! Haha  I´m so proud of Johnni, Walk, and Mae for their grades. That is so awesome!!! But this week was really fun!!!! Saturday we got to go prosletismo again. We went back to teach a guy we taught last week and we taught him another lesson and he gave us some fruit. We tried to pay him but he wouldn´t let us. It´s so humbling to see people want to give so much when they have so little. All he owned was a little fruit stand outside his house. We had an Elder here who came with only one pair of pants, three shirts, one tie, and one pair of shoes. So all the missionaries got together and gave him some clothes and some money. We raised over 500 dollars. It was so cool to see how happy he was. He bought a suit and a camera. I´m gonna miss him. But the Latinos left Tuesday. I`m gonna miss those guys. They were so funny. We had one guy who used to be a crack dealer, he was hilarious. But how it works here is the seventh week you get a new companion and it`s a latino companion. I`m so excited for that! That will help me with the language so much. But we go tracting every Saturday! We have so much success, you can tell it`s all the spirit because our language is so bad. But the food is really good. But on Monday the power was out, I think the first time in my life I had to shower in cold water. It was way fun actually! Haha but since it`s all gringos here, the President’s wife went out and bought Mcdonalds for us. She is the sweetest lady. Last night my district slept in my room together because there`s no latinos. Tonight we`re gonna decorate our room with the decorations you sent and eat the candy grandma sent! I`m excited! Te amo!!!! 
Elder Arbon 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week 5: "My goal is to have my testimony be just as strong as his."

How are you? I miss you so much! You guys went on the Frontrunner? I`m so jealous...remember when we went? Hobos on the loose!!!! Haha Tell Walker HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I love him!!! Florider sounds fun...send me some pictures of that. How`s Johnni`s training going? When is the Halloween dance? Lysje will get her call on Halloween?!!! I`m excited for Cam and Alysha, I`m sad I can`t be there. I will try and send pictures next week. But this week was so much fun. Today Elder Bednar came and gave a devotional. There was only like 70 people total, I sat 20 feet from him. He is so funny, how he taught his lesson was he had people ask questions and he taught us by answering those questions. His testimony is so strong, my goal is to have my testimony be just as strong as his. One thing he taught us was no matter how hard you work, no matter how much you obey, you won´t get results until you get rid of ``I`` (being self-centered). The language is coming along really well. Discussions are good, I need to work on teaching two by two with my companion though. I just have so much to say but I need to realize the spirit will speak through both of us, not just me.  But we went prosletismo to a new area. They live so much different down here, it is so dirty. Trash is everywhere and there are drunk people during midday. But we had a lot of success. Three BOM, four lessons, and six referrals. We have a lesson with one of the guys we taught next week, I can`t wait! But we found some kids on the street and played soccer with them. It was so fun...they did work on us. Made us look like tards.  I`ve sent a ton of letters home so you should get them soon. And thank you so much for the packages and letters!!!!!! I`m so grateful!!! Please keep sending them! I know this church is true and Jesus is our Savior! Love you!
Elder Arbon
If you can send some healthy food, Ethan was right. Food isn`t all that healthy here. But can you find out the names of the 3 boys who carried people at Sweet Water Crossing as pioneers. Spanish hymns as well. Thank you for everything!!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week 4: "It was so cool to actually give a lesson."

Como le va? I miss you. I really do!!! I love all the packages and letters. All of the Elders in my district get so mad because I get so many! But thank you so much. I just sent everybody some letters so I hope you get them soon. But I’m doing really well! It’s almost been a month, that’s crazy! It feels like just yesterday I was blowing you a kiss good bye going up the escalator. But I’m a little frustrated with the language, the problem is I want to already know the language. But I know it takes time so it’ll teach me patience. But I love my district, I love them so much. But I can’t wait to get to Uruguay, but I’m gonna miss the CCM. I love it here. I love my companions and I love playing futbol with the Latinos. But I’m glad you guys are doing well, I’m so jealous about your guys trip to Mexico to build houses and Lysje going through the temple. I wish I could be there. But this week was so good! We got a new group of Latinos and Gringos.  The first day they got here they played soccer with us and me and one of them both went up for a header and I broke his nose. I felt so bad!!!! But ever since then they’ve been scared of me and my district. On Saturday we went prosletismo. We weren’t as successful as last time but a lady invited us into her house and we gave her a 20 minute lesson. It was so cool to actually give a lesson. We asked her to say the closing prayer and she started to cry. It was so cool to see that! We gave her a Book of Mormon and she invited us back so that was such a good experience! I’m reading my scriptures in Spanish with the English scriptures right next to me so I can figure out a word I don’t know here and there. But next Wednesday Elder Bednar is coming. Crazy huh? I cant wait!
Elder Arbon

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Week 3: "I look like I’m straight out of one of the Marine commercials."

Can you believe the missionary rule? I think that it is so crazy! The first thing I thought about was I guarantee Lysje will have her papers turned in by the end of the week!!! But I hope she comes to Uruguay...if I was her Zone Leader I would make her work so hard!!! Haha but I’m okay with it coming now then before I was 18, I needed to go down to Snow. I learned a lot down there! I think it should be required for all girls to go on a mission! It will be so good for Johnni to break out of her shell! I’m glad grandma’s surgery went well. I put her name in the Buenos Aires temple today. Yeah, I got a haircut. There’s this guy that comes into the CCM and cuts all the missionary’s hair for free. So I sat down and he butchered my hair. I look like I’m straight out of one of the Marine commercials. That’s awesome about Ridge winning their playoff game. I hope they take state. Not a lot happened this week. We didn’t get to go prosletismo because of conference. I actually listened to all of conference. It was so good. So many great talks. The Latinos left this week. It was kinda sad. My companion and I were so close with a lot of them. But we get 50 new guys tomorrow and 10 new gringos so that’ll be awesome. The language is coming along really well. I’m able to understand a majority of what the Latinos are saying but I’m not very good at speaking though. It makes me so mad because I’m working my tail off but this will teach me patience. We were playing futbol against the Latinos this week and this kid scored and started bragging to my face. In their culture it’s not bad like it is in the states to be in someone’s face. But I fired back, I realized I need to chill out. A scripture I really love is the scripture they quoted in conference three times, Isaiah 40:31 I think. I love it so much. But I love you and I miss you.
Elder Arbon

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Week 2: "My companion and I did work!!!"

I´m so glad all of you are doing well. I love you all so much!!! I hope I get to answer all your questions, but this week was crazy! We got to go prosletismo in the city of Buenos Aires. It was absolutely ridiculous. First off, the roads and the cars are smaller and they are all so crazy. No blinkers. No lanes. They are nuts. Motorcycles are driving in-between and around cars. Gas stations are a pull off on the side of the highways. But the neighborhoods are completely different than in the states. They are all tiny houses, side by side. No yard. They have gates to the sidewalks with doorbells on the gates. And if they don´t have a doorbell you have to stand by the gate and clap. When they are home they answer from windows or from balconies. They are a lot nicer than in the states. But there are so many stray dogs. They are everywhere. There are more dogs than I have seen in my entire life. But my companion and I did work!!! We placed three Book of Mormons, had a 20 minute conversation with a member and taught five lessons. So if Braxton gets a baptism in the near future, I want a thank you card. But other than that it´s the same schedule every day. For actividad fisica we played futbol against the latinos. We used to suck but now we´re beating them and they get so pissed. Sorry for the language. But I love the latinos. They leave this Wednesday. But I´ve gotten so close with some of them. I´m so grateful for the package and the letters!!!!! They were so fun to read. My district and I pounded down the cow tails. Thanks again...I loved it so much. It was so much fun!!! I will be sending letters as soon as I get those stamps. I love you so much!
Elder Arbon

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week 1: "I didn't think it was going to be as fun as this."

I'm sorry I didn't write yesterday. We went to the temple for our p day. It was so beautiful. But I miss you guys so much. I really do. But it's so fun here. I didn't think it was going to be as fun as this. I love my companion and I love my district. How they do it in this MTC is they split you up into districts and I was in the district with all the Norte Americanos and I was called to district leader! I love all the guys in my district. It's like we're all friends at home, we're joking and teasing the entire time. I love it so much. The Spanish is coming along great, I can understand a lot of the conversation but I'm having a tough time with the pronunciation.  But my companion is Elder Wolfgramm, he's Tongan and he's from Payson. In high school he was a stud. He earned football scholarship to Utah State and Utah so we have something to talk about. Elder Doman was a wrestler from Oregon. He and I tease each other so much. Elder Gunther is most uncoordinated kid in the whole world but he is so funny. Elder Barlow and Elder Springer are so cool as well.  Me and my companion get along like best friends, I love him so much. The food is pretty good, they serve a huge variety of foods. Rice, beans, hamburgers, pasta, and everything else. But I think their juice didn't sit well with me so my stomach hasn't been feeling well lately. But in the morning I wake up at 5:40 and workout for 20 minutes and then study and then start getting ready by 6. The spirit is so strong here. I was reading in the Bible and I came across this scripture, Revelations 14:13 I think. It's perfect for TJ. But I love the Latinos. They are the coolest, humblest, nicest people I have ever known. We play soccer with them everyday. But we only have a half hour so I'm sorry if this didn't make sense or if there was errors. But I love you so much.
Elder Arbon

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Made it to the Argentina MTC

We made it here okay!!! Baggage and everything. My companion during my flights was Elder Barlow. He`s a pretty cool kid! He lived in American Fork. He didn`t play sports but he is a break dancer! We met another Elder in Fort Worth. His name is Elder Lopez! He`s from Spokane, Washington and speaks fluent Spanish. Both of his parents are from Mexico. It was nice having him around because he could talk to everyone. We also met a guy at the Fort Worth airport named Jonathon. He was born in Boliva and grew up in Brazil and Argentina. He kind of took us under his wing. He took care of us and made sure no one came and robbed us. The flight was good though! The first flight was pretty short so Elder Barlow and I just read the missionary handbook. The second flight was 10 hours long and they served us dinner and breakfast. The plane was huge! There was two different isles going down the plane with seven seats in each row. For dinner we had pasta and breakfast we had a croissant and some yogurt. I got a few hours of sleep but for the most part I read my scriptures and wrote letters. I will send those out as soon as possible. Elder Lopez`s bags never got here but the airport said they should be here tommorrow. Mine got here fine! But Argentina is so cool. The temperature is amazing. I thought it would be as humid as Missouri but it`s not even close. The weather is perfect here!!! But it`s so different here, and not just the language. The MTC only has like 30 people total and the drivers here are nuts. It`s like all Lysjes! Haha even the keyboards are different! But I love you so much and I should write every Wednesday from now on! I will try and send my letters as soon as possible! Love you and miss you!
Elder Arbon

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mission Call

Elder Jantz Arbon has been called to serve in the Uruguay, Montevideo West Mission. He will be set apart as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Wednesday, September 19th. He will leave Wednesday, September 19th and report to the Argentina MTC on Thursday, September 20th.