Friday, October 4, 2013

Week 54: "Hoy es el Día!"

This week was an amazing week. We have been working really hard with this guy named Mario. He is so prepared for his baptism! He has been investigating the church for about 12 weeks now and about two weeks ago we asked him to pray about when he should be baptized and he told us that he received an answer for this Sunday. He is so prepared and is going to be such a strong priesthood leader that will help edify the rieno de Dios here in Artigas. Also we have been working with this guy named Carlos. One day he just showed up in the capilla. It was truly a miracle and he was prepared before we even talked to him. We´ve talked with him and his daughter and they are both ready to be baptized the 13th. But Thursday I had the opportunity to do divisions with Elder Berry, he just recently came into the mission. This kid is such a capo! It was awesome to work with him and see how blessed these new missionaries are. But this week in church we started to giving a class for the obra missional to help animate the members. Also in church we had another miracle. We had 95 people in church and the rest of the zone is catching the mentality that "Hoy es el Día!" I know that God is my heavenly father because he loves me enough to listen and answer my prayers. I know he sends the Holy Ghost to testify of him and of his Son, Jesus Christ. I know that  Jesus is my savior and redeemer. I know he arose the third day and broke the bands of physical death. I know he fulfilled the law of justice with his infinite sacrifice and is willing and wants to give us his mercy. We receive his mercy when listen to the Holy Spirit which helps us rid ourselves of the natural man through the power of the atonement. I love this gospel and I love this work! I know this is His work! Have a great week!
Elder Arbon

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