Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 96: "We filled the stake center up so much that there were people standing up in the back because there wasn´t enough seats."

This week was so much fun! On Thursday night my companion and I traveled up to the department of Tacurembo to help that zone prepare for their fireside. I am not sure if I have explained in detail exactly what goes on in these firesides. They are about an hour and a half long with Mormon message videos, a choir by the missionaries of that zone, and testimonies of recent converts or less actives that have come back to church. The responsibilities of my companion and I are to prepare to videos, make sure the choir sounds and looks good, make sure that the chapel is equipped with the microphones and everything sounds good, and visit the people that are going to speak and help them organize their thoughts and ideas in order to send. The fireside that we had in Tacurembo was incredible! We filled the stake center up so much that there were people standing up in the back because there wasn´t enough seats. The spirit was so strong! The thing about these firesides is that there isn´t anyone directing the meeting so there is no interruption of the spirit and everything is shared in five minute intervals so people don´t have the chance to get bored and lose the spirit. I love it! My companion was in charge of the lights and I was in charge of the computer with the videos. It was so much fun! A funny story this week...my companion and I got to Tacurembo and stayed with the zone leaders. They had an extra mattress and we had brought an inflatable mattress as well. One night while I was sleeping the air mattress I was sleeping on lost all of it's air. So the other nights I slept in the same bed as my companion! Haha I know it´s against the rules so I will need to repent for that! Haha The work here is doing really well! I will not be in my area for about 2-3 weeks because I will be traveling to both Artigas and Salto preparing the firesides in the both zones. For P day we played soccer with the zone of Artigas for exercises, studied, then we went to President Bueno's house to say hi to him, and then we went to the Brazilian buffet for lunch. Have a great week! 
Elder Arbon

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