Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week 35: "We went there an hour early and we didn´t know why but God needed us there at that moment to help that family."

It was so good to see you! I loved it! It made me miss you so much more!  We have the greatest family and we have the responsible to help others. We have been blessed with so many blessing; we´re financial stable, we have a family that loves each other, and above all we have the knowledge of the gospel of Jesucristo. We may have been blessed with all these things but these blessings come with a responsibility, we must give these things to those who are in need.  This week was a crazy week. We had two elders go home early so we had them stay with us for a few days and we had to take them to the airport.  Also, our financial system went down so we won´t be able to pay anyone for 10 days. So we were busy running around making sure everything was paid and making sure the mission had enough money for the next 10 days. So Sunday, when we were picking up an Elder at 4 de la mañana a family came up to us and said they had been living at the bus station for a few days because they came to Uruguay just a few days ago to live with the family of the guy but they kicked him out because he was investigating the church. We went there an hour early and we didn´t know why but God needed us there at that moment to help that family. The ward that they´re in now really pulled through, they got them a house, food, and now the guy has a baptismal date for the 1st of June. Such a testimony builder.
But from now on I´m going to describe one thing from Uruguay that´s different from the states. I know you want to know more about my area, the people, and the norms here so every week I´m going to tell you something new. The food here is changing, in summer they eat milanasas (thinly breaded chicken or beef) and ensalda de rusca (chopped up potatoes, carrots, peas, and a ton of mayonnaise) and now they eat more of soup now that it´s getting cold.
I love this Gospel. I know Jesus lives, I know he suffered and died for each one of us individually. He knows our weakness and knows our strengths. When he paid the price for our salvation it wasn´t easy, but he did it. If it was hard with him why wouldn´t it be hard for us. But he didn´t quit so I won´t. I want to testify that I know the Book of Mormon to be the word of God, that José Smith was a prophet of Lord, he restored the same priesthood keys that Jesus has. I love this gospel. I love my family with all my heart, and above all I love Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
Elder Arbon 

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