Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 43: ¡Muévete!

Faw, this week was an amazing week. It started off with a meeting with President where we learned so much! He talked about the word, "manso" or "meek." I always thought that it just meant humble but he taught us what it really meant. He read us a scripture in DyC 19:41 that says, "Or canst thou be humble and meek, and conduct thyself wisely before me? Yea, come unto me thy Savior. Amen." How easy would we come unto the savior? How easy would we "move?" This is what it means to be meek: To be easy to be moved! And our perfect example is Jesus Christ. He was with the Father in Heaven with all the glory and he came to the Earth (he moved) to suffer and die for us. It wasn´t easy, it was hard and in reality is the hardest thing that was ever been accomplished on this earth. But Jesus was easy to be moved by God, like we should be. ¡Muévete! But this week was great. Kati and Santi left this week, I´m going to miss them so much. But before they left they promised me Kati would be baptized in a few weeks and that they would name their baby….Jantz!!!! Man I love them! But this week we have been working really hard with Fernando. We couldn´t find him the first part of the week but we went back and he told us that he had read almost all the way to chapter 12 of 1 Nefi and he says every time he reads he feels a peace. I can´t wait until his baptism but I won´t be here, I got transferred to Artigas 4 as a district leader! Can´t wait! Love you all!
Elder Arbon

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