Sunday, June 15, 2014

Week 91: "500 missionaries"

These past few weeks have been crazy! I`m going to start from today and work backwards. Today I went to the temple to see a convert from Rivera in the temple. He is such a stud! But yesterday we worked on the changes with President so we were in the mission home almost the whole day. The day before was absolutely incredible! We had two conferences that day! In the morning we had a conference with our whole mission! There were 250 missionaries and I had the opportunity to direct the conference, it was incredible! We listened to both Hermana and President Smith. The spirit was so strong! Everyone left from the meeting truly uplifted and animated to work their tails off! After the conference we went to another conference with Elder Robbins, president of the seventy, with the other mission. There was a total of 500 missionaries. I know that he is a man called of God and filled with the spirit. He taught us so many great things! One of the things he really focused on was the importance of the spirit! It`s really going to help this mission grow and bring more people unto Christ. This week was a little nuts! My companion was in Rivera the whole week preparing the Fireside for this weekend while I was here preparing for the conferences. The Sunday before I went with President Smith up to the department of Colonia where he spoke in a fireside with one of the wards up there! He is such an inspired man...every time he speaks, he speaks with the Holy Ghost. The Saturday before the office Elders from our mission played against the other mission. It was pouring down rain but so much fun! We dominated them!!! 

Elder Arbon

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