Friday, November 16, 2012

Week 8: I just can´t wait to get to work in Uruguay.

I´m doing so good! How are you? My head is doing good. I try not to play soccer everyday because I get too competitive! I´m so glad you got to see Cody.  I´m so jealous. How is he? He´s emailed me a few times but you know how he emails. I leave either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning for Uruguay! I just can´t wait to get to work in Uruguay. I´m so ready to work! The language is coming along great. The Latino comp has helped me out so much. I can´t wait for Christmas either, I´m so excited to see you (skype)! But my comp isn´t from Quito, tell Brianne sorry. Tell Walk man good luck at his tournament, I wish I could be there!  This week was a really good week! It was hard to get used to my companion at first but now I love the guy. He´s so funny! He asked to come stay in Utah so hopefully you will get to see him. But he´s such a great kid. Not a lot happened this week. I just can´t wait to get out to Uruguay! I will email you on Monday, it´ll only be a short one because we only have ten minutes. I love you and I miss you! I´ll make you proud!
Your missionary,
Elder Arbon

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