Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 10: It´ll be a great experience.

How are you? You guys sound like you guys are doing so well! I´m jealous you guys went to black Friday, that was always so much fun. Great memories! Thank you for the last package, I appreciate it so much! I´m so happy to hear about Walk´s football games, I´m so mad I couldn´t be there! But tell him if he´s having trouble on top look for the Arbon tilt and if it´s not there, let him up! I´m glad Mae´s doing good, is she still afraid of her teacher? I can´t wait until Johnni starts track, I can´t wait to see her marks. I´m so grateful to have the family I do. It truly is the perfect family for me and I love you guys so much.
This week was awesome! We were suppose to leave at 4 in the morning on Tuesday but there was a huge strike in Argentina so there was no flights. We had to stay another day in the CCM. But instead we left at 12 on Wednesday on a ferry. It was so fun! The first night we got there, met the president, and stayed at the hotel by the temple. The next day we woke up at 6 and had a push up contest, it´s a tradition for all the new missionaries coming into the field. But after that we went to the clinic and got our blood drawn, teeth checked, and a physical. After that we came back to President´s house and met our new comps. My trainer’s name is Elder Manning, he´s from Las Vegas. Great guy. He´s been out a year and four months, went to a year at BYU before his mission, and played football and ran track in high school. But after we met our new comps we took a 6 hour bus ride to our area, it´s in the department of Salto and we´re in Colonia 18 de Julio. Our area is huge. We actually get to ride bikes because our area is so big. My butt is killing me because I´m not used to riding a bike 8 hours a day. But our house is so ghetto! Love it though. Toilet doesn´t flush all the way, have a washing machine (you have to fill it up with water though), no cupboards for the plates and stuff like that, floor is concrete, bugs are everywhere, every night we have to fill up our water tank. I love it though! It´ll be a great experience. The first day we went and ate with one of the members. They fed us rice with some hamburger meat, potatoes, and sweet potatoes in it. I had a hard time eating it though because there were so many flies, but it was actually pretty good. But they sat there and watched us while we ate. I felt so bad, they are so giving here. Here we only have branch of about 20 to 30 people. It used to be bigger but the old bishop stole money from the church and it offended a lot of people. The people here are all dirt poor, they work in the places called chacras (farms), a lot of them don´t even know how to read. But they are so loving and giving. We went and visited a less active member because their daughter was having a birthday party and they gave us all their food and they have nothing now. They are so humble. But right not there´s not a lot of new investigators. We did have a baptism last Saturday though, his name is Jhon, 22 years old. Great guy. But there´s not a whole lot of baptisms like I thought there would be. I guess the people here and just so relaxed. They just don´t care about much, that´s their culture. But it´s so poor here, I know it´s going to truly teach me humility.  I love it here, it´s truly a blessing to be here.
I want you to know I love you! I´m so grateful to have you in my life. I really do miss you. I hope all is well and I love you. Could you also send me a couple pictures of our family? The members like to look at pictures of your family so I want to tape them in my scriptures. Also, one of the Latinos stole my microfiber towel, they needed it more than I did, so could you send me a new one?
Your son,
Elder Arbon

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