Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 13: I had to shower out of a bucket and wash my clothes by hand.

The CCM seemed like a blink of an eye but it`s starting to slow down now. Not knowing the language is holding me back a lot. I want to take over and teach as many people as I can but I can`t because I need my companion for the language. But I know I need to be patient and it will come with time.
But this week flew by. On Monday night we got caught in a storm only a half mile away from our house but it hit us like a wall. It took us 20 minutes to get the rest of the way home because the wind and rain were so bad. The wind was so bad it would knock us off the road while we were on our bikes so we had to run along side them. The power was out for 2 days. I had to shower out of a bucket and wash my clothes by hand. It was kinda fun though!!!! We had zone conference this last week, our president came in dressed like Santa Claus, it was so funny! One of the Elders who was going home gave his testimony and said something I really liked. He said he was prideful in Jesus Christ. I think that`s awesome, pride is good if you`re prideful in the right thing or in right person. We also had divisions this week. I went and did divisions with an Elder from Brazil. He was pretty cool. But my comp has been having problems with negativity and self-confidence so we talked about it during companionship inventory and he said he`s talking to the mission psychologist. It`s been tough getting along with him but I know I was sent here to help to him, not necessary to teach. It was a pretty good week, we had another storm last night so the power is out again so I`m off to hand wash my clothes and shower out of a bucket!!!! I`m so tired by the end of the day as soon as my head hits the pillow, I am out!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for the Christmas package!!! I loved it so much!!!!! I put the tree, ornaments, and manger up as soon as I opened it! I will send a picture soon! But I really did love it so much!  I want you to listen to a talk, it reminded me of TJ and I. You`ll know it when you hear it, `He is risen` by President Monson, Sunday Morning of April 2010. I can`t wait to see you on Christmas!!!!
Your son,
Elder Arbon
Is it possible to send conference talks for my ipod? My companion and I listen to them every day during lunch and I love it. And also, could you send me those wipes? I sweat so bad here, I don`t think I`ve stopped since I stepped off the ferry! Haha

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