Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 11: It is so hot here, hard to sleep because it`s so hot.

How are you? I miss you! But my butt is finally getting used to riding a bike, it was killing me at first!  What is your schedule for Christmas? We need to know so we can set a schedule up. But it is Skype, I can`t wait! It is so hot here, hard to sleep because it`s so hot .  This week was a really good week. Last P-day our district got together and played soccer. That was way fun! The dogs here are crazy though. Some travel in packs and attack you if you`re not careful. I got bite right on the ankle, it broke skin and swelled up all big. It`s okay now though. We were at a members house and asked for some water and they pointed to an actual well. I couldn`t believe it. It was way cool though. I`d never seen one before. A lot of people here have never seen Americans before. Riding through some of the towns you`d think it was a parade because people stop and stare. Kind of funny!!!! We were playing soccer with the branch on Friday and we saw this guy crash on his moped (everyone has one here, most people use them to transport their whole family too, I`ve seen up to five on one). We went to help him and he was hammered out of his mind. He had a huge gash on his knee but he got up and was fine. The president of the Branch says that happens a lot here. Also,  a lot of people travel on horses here. They tie up their horses right in front of their house and everything. Love it here! On Saturday we had a branch activity where we all went over to the guy`s house we baptized last week and watched a church movie. That was a really good experience. 
Elder Arbon

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