Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 21: "I am getting transferred to Montevideo to the offices to be a financer."

This week was an amazing week. On Saturday these two kids asked to race me on their bikes. So I made a bet with them, if I win they had to give their parents a folleto (pamphlet). Whooped `em! It was so fun, it really got them to open up with us so that was really good. Marta didn`t come to church this week because her boss came to her house and asked her to work. But we had a great lesson with her after and she is really excited about her baptism. I am getting transferred to Montevideo to the offices to be a financer, I will be dealing with all the money of the mission. I can`t wait, they have a great ward there that really helps out the Elders. But I am a little bit sad because a lot of time will be spent in the offices instead of out working and I just barely started to get my personality in Spanish so I was starting to get really close with the members and I`m really close with Marta.  She texted us this morning and asked who was leaving and we told her I was so she said she wants to come over and say goodbye. I`m a little upset I won`t be there for her baptism but the Lord needs me somewhere else. It was a great week. I`m sorry this email was short, we have a lot of things to do before I leave. Life is amazing, to be honest I couldn`t be happier. I love this work. 
Les amo y yo amo este trabajo!
Elder Arbon

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