Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 23: "one day Aldo picked up a Libro de Mormón and started to read it."

Such a great week this week. I love the offices. We are so busy, always on the go and I really enjoy that. The work is going so well here, we´ve already had 12 lessons with members this week. We have some amazing investigators. Two of them are getting baptized tonight. I can´t wait! Such a great story. Their names are Aldo and Sophia. They´re brother and sister and both are around age 12. Their parents are less actives because they work so much and they are so busy that they would never let the missionaries in. But one day Aldo picked up a Libro de Mormón and started to read it. While he was reading it he started to ask his mom a bunch of questions about it so one day their mom let the missionaries in and now they’re getting baptized today. I can´t wait! Our other investigator is Gloria, she´s about 70 and she´s awesome. One day we were walking by and contacted her and she let us in. We really didn´t get to teach a lesson because she´s very Uruguaya (she just loves to talk), but she came to church last week and we had a great lesson with her this week and she said she´s coming to church this week. I´m so excited for her! Yesterday, we stopped and played soccer with a bunch of little kids. It was so fun, while we were playing the whole neighborhood came outside and watched us! It was like Friday nights all over again! Today we went to a member's house for her birthday and cooked and ate asada. Tan bueno! I love my comp, he works so hard. He´s not lazy at all so we both have a common goal and we work. The mission president is such an amazing guy, we usually have a meeting with him every Friday to talk about the finances for the mission. He´s really trunkie right now (he goes home in 3 months). But it´s so much different here. First of all, I know this is bad but people here are a lot more intelligent than out in the campo. Also, they are also so busy so that´s been the biggest thing. People here are always on the go. But I love it here, there´s a lot of work to do.  I live about 5 or 6 blocks away from the mission home. I love all the Elders I work with, they are so fun. A little bit of goof offs but we get along really well. The sweets here are so good and I´m afraid that now I´m in the office I´m going to get fat from sitting on my butt all day so I'm going to break the habit of alfajores and eat healthier.
I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Arbon

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