Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 20: "She`s a little bit of a cougar!"

I`m really enjoying it here. To be honest with you the people here aren`t really interested in anything, that`s just their culture though. In our area everyone works in a chacra (farm) for a few hours, come home, and drink matte. Then do the same thing the next day. They are very laid back people and are afraid of commitments because that means they would have to work. I do love them though. They are so humble and loving. It was a great week this week. On Thursday we had divisions and I had Elder Marìn as my companion. Such a great missionary. He`s from Nicaragua and has only been in the mission for two months. His dad passed away two years ago and his mom is very sick but he`s still on a mission. He has such a great testimony. I felt so bad for him, his butt was killing him from the bike. Poor guy! But we had a lot of success, taught a lot of lessons and found some great investigators. On Friday we patched up a members roof. On Sunday we had another investigator in church. His name is Luis, 19 years old, and has a girlfriend that`s 48. She`s a little bit of a cougar! He has one kid with her and another on the way. He is very poor so he can`t afford a moto or a bus ticket so he walked an hour to church. That was such a blessing. Only problem with him is he can`t get baptized until he separates from his girlfriend or he gets married. That`s tough too because a lot of Uruguayos don`t feel a need to get married. Marta Pacifico didn`t come to church again this week because she wasn`t feeling good. Hopefully she can come these next two weeks and get baptized the third week. I love you all and I hope you have a great week.
Your Son,
Elder Arbon

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