Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week 25: "the real reason for the doctrine of Christ is to show God that we´re here to do his will, not ours."

I love the offices, we´re busy every second of everyday and I really enjoy that. This week was such a great week. We haven´t had a lot of investigators lately so we´ve been doing a late of finding through menos activos and recent converts. But one day we were crossing this busy street and this little sweet old lady stops and says ´Mormones.´ Right there was an answer to our prayers. We helped her cross the street and talked to her for a few minutes. The next time we met with her we had a good lesson and she came to church last week. On Monday we had a noche de hogar with her and the mission leader, it was really good. But the other missionaries in the office brought one of their investigators and it was no bueno. She´s a little older and a little bigger but we were taking a picture after the noche de hogar and she put her hand on my butt cheek, and not just the top half but the bottom half and held it there for at least a minute while we were taking pictures. I almost had to go in to the mission president to have a talk with him, I´m just playing! The other missionaries thought it was pretty funny. Also this week we got to eat lunch with the President because changes are next week and we´ll be really busy Sunday through Thursday. This change was only 4 weeks because of the change in MTC schedules. But while I was at his house I went to the Distribution Center to buy some things and I ran into Cody Barlow. He´s the kid that knocked me retarded. It was so good to see him, he´s serving in the Uruguay Montevideo mission. He´s a capo! But I learned a lot this week, especially a lot about the Doctrine of Christ. My institute teacher sent me a letter describing the Doctrine of Christ. Most people will say it´s fe, arrepentimiento, bautismo, Espírtu Santo, y Preservar hasta el fin and that´s true. But the real reason for the doctrine of Christ is to show God that we´re here to do his will, not ours. I love you all, I hope and pray for you every day.
Elder Arbon
Listen to ´Give It All to Him´ by Tel Dyer. 

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