Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 26: The Good and the Bad

This week was crazy in the offices because of changes so we didn´t get a whole lot of time in the field but we still got a lot of work done. I love the offices but can´t wait until I get all day to work in the field. I love my calling now as an office Elder but it´s just I wish I had more time in the field preaching the word, but I love what I´m doing and I´m going to make the best of every second I got. I´m so excited! But transfers were crazy, we were running all the over the place. It was a lot of fun though!  Next change we´re getting 24 new missionaries. Locoisimo!  I heard a rumor that some of our missionaries in our mission might go over to Argentina to help open some missions over there! Crazy hu? This week flew by! With the changes we were busy every second of every day. On Tuesday we gave a presentation to the new missionaries and then I stayed with them that night. It was a lot fun, we woke up early and had a push up contest and then got them ready to meet their trainers. I got some really bad news though. My last comp got transferred to Montevideo so I got to see him for a little while. We were talking about our area and then we started to talk about Marta. She was suppose to get baptized last Sunday but during her baptismal interview they found out that she had committed a major crime in the past. She killed someone with a knife and she planned it out. So now she has to write a letter to the prophet but she didn´t want to do that. That really hurt when Elder Manning told me that. But some really good news is that we were teaching Maria and she told us that she had a dream that her son told her she should join the church. Made my week! She´s reading the Book of Mormon daily and she´s really excited about being baptized!  She has a fecha for next Saturday, I´m counting down the days. I´m looking forward to that more than I have for all of my P-days...combined! But this week I realized that I haven´t learned anything on my mission, but at the same time I´ve learned everything. The things I know now are the same things I will know when I´m 80 years old. I know the Jesus lived a perfect life, suffered for our sins, died on the cross, and was resurrected. I know the priesthood keys were restored to José Smith and I know the Book of Mormon is true. People are always looking to over complicate things, but that´s not our church. Our church is simple and true. Man I love it. I love you all and I hope you have a great week. 
Con Amor and Honra,
Elder Arbon

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