Thursday, September 18, 2014

Week 104: "It was absolutely incredible the things that I learned!"

I love being here with Elder Huntsman. He is an incredible missionary. He is a hard, hard worker and is very humble. He is always trying to become better. I love him so much. This week was a great week! On Saturday we had a fireside in a city called Dolores and on Sunday we had another fireside in another city called Mercedes. And then we came back to Montevideo to get ready for the changes. On Tuesday the new missionaries got here from Buenos Aires and we had training all day with them. The next day was so funny. We went into the rooms of the new missionaries with one of the keys we had at 6 in the morning to wake them up by yelling "Hoy es el Día!" It was so fun!!! We woke them up and had them do their exercises, We had a push-up contest among all of the new missionaries and the Elders that work in the offices. After that we trained the trainers and then they got to meet their "kids." After that I went to the temple with my group, the missionaries that came to the mission with me. It was an incredible experience. In the celestial room I got a chance to talk to President Smith and have him teach me a little more about the temple. It was absolutely incredible the things that I learned! After that we as a group ate with the Smith Familia then went to bed. The next day I left to my new area called Florencio Sanchez, in the department of Colonia where I was called to be the group leader. It is a small town and we are opening up an area here with another companionship of missionaries. But we have had a lot of amazing experiences. We taught a lady that has been inactive for 11 years. We taught her the doctrine of Christ and the spirit worked on her so hard, at the end of the lesson she said she will be coming back to renew her covenants by taking the sacrament. We have been finding a lot of great people by talking in every moment we can and last night we found a family whose father and mother are members but the kids are not. We taught them the message of the Restoration of the Gospel and committed all of the kids to be baptized the beginning of Octuber!!! Sunday it was such a great learning experience. We as missionaries taught the Sunday School, Sacordocio, Principios del Evangelio, blessed and passed the sacrament, directed and gave of all the talks in the sacrament. I love it! I truly felt that the spirit was there guiding the words we were sayings. But I love you and have a great week!!!!!! 

Elder Arbon

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