Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week 102: "...and to live like Him."

These past two weeks have been incredible! Last week my companion and I took the misión car and went on a road trip. We went up to the department of Colonia to help prepare the Fireside up there. The zone of Colonia is very different from the other zones because it is so spread up. In order to get from one área to another you need to take a bus on average for an hour, so we did a Fireside in the northern half last week and this week we are doing one in the southern half. So we got permission from president to take the misión van and headed up there. We helped organize the choir of missionaries, make sure the projector and sound equipment were working well, and visited and prepared all of the converts that were going to speak in the Fireside. As Saturday rolls around we were so stoked for the Fireside because everything was looking perfect; the projector was looking good, the sound equipment sounded good, and the converts were all ready to go. And then God showed us who the Gardner was, we were acting a little cocky and God taught us who we need to rely on! Twenty minutes before the activity the adapter for the soundboard fried, we were driving around looking to buy a new adapter and nothing was opened. We even went with a member and grabbed his soundboard and it still didn´t work. We were a little bit frustrated because we had practiced for so long but in the end God blessed us. Even though we had to make a few adjustments everything turned out amazing! We even had a funny story about the Fireside, in the middle of the Fireside there was a man that wasn´t invited to speak that randomly got up and came to the microphone and began to give his testimony. I think he was a Little drunk. I wanted to get up and ask him to take his seat but we let him. A thought came to my mind, Come What May and Love it! It was actually a pretty good testimony, I was really impressed! It was really funny though! Haha On Sunday we went with President to help him do a conference in Colonia. We got to watch a conference by Elder Bednar. It was absolutely incredible! Then the next week started up and we went back to Colonia on Tuesday in order to visit all of the converts that were going to share their testimonies in the Fireside today. After that we traveled back down to Montevideo to leave the van with the Elders that work in the offices and took a bus to the practice up in Colonia. And the next day President came to pick us up and take us with him to Paysandú. From Wednesday until last night we were in Paysandú preparing the Fireside we will be having tomorrow. This morning we took a bus back down to Colonia to make some last minute check ups for the Fireside tonight. It was a lot of running around these last few weeks but was really enjoyable. I want to give you my sincere testimony that I know Jesús Christ is the only begotten son of our loving Heavenly Father, our Savior, and Redeemer. That he came to this world to pay the Price of our rescue. I know that only through His Doctrine we can enter into the kingdom of God. I know that the Book of Mormon contains the fullness of his doctrine in every single page. I know this church to be the one and only church to have a true, living prophet that has been called of God, Thomas S. Monson, at it’s head. I know that he holds the keys to the Holy Priesthood. Which is the power and authority God has given to men to allow His children to once again return to live with him in his presence, and to live like Him. I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful week.
Your Son,

Elder Arbon

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