Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week 19: “You only become better when you become comfortable out of your comfort zone.”

The work is going really well this week, we found 14 new investigators.  We had divisions on Tuesday, I was companions with Elder Huaracha, from Peru. He kind of talked with a lisp so he was hard to understand but I learned a lot from him. I can`t wait to have a latino companion though, my Spanish will improve so much. On Thursday we had interviews with the President and his wife. They are such great people. We also had capacitación with one of the APs, Elder Laycock. That was awesome, he taught us a lot. We had a great week finding new investigators, we found 14. The only problem we have is getting members to come out with us for lessons and getting them to church. Most of them live so far away from the church and they don`t have a way to get there. Marta didn`t come to church this week, we called her and sent her messages but she still hasn`t responded. But we did have a little girl in church, she is the sobrina of one of the families in our ward, Familia Acosta. I think the only reason she came is because she has a crush on us though! Yesterday we were contacting and we came across a house that was having a birthday party for their little girl. I thought it would be fun if we went up and asked if we could sing to her in English. So we did and they loved it, it was so much fun! We found our President of our Rama playing futbol yesterday. That kinda made me upset because a reason why a lot of people in this area stopped going to church was because our President used to own a bar and played futol on Sundays, but I`m hoping people can look past that. A lot of our work is mostly contacting. Our members don`t help us out at all. They don`t realize that our éxito depends soley on them. But it`s okay, the Lord will bless us if we work our hardest and put our trust in him.  People here are following Satan`s plan and that is laziness. The reason why Satan took so many of our brothers and sisters is because it was an `easy` way. People don`t realize that work, commandments, covenants, and the church are here to help us improve. We don`t improve by being lazy. We improve by pushing ourselves. What do you think of this quote?... “You only become better when you become comfortable out of your comfort zone.” People need to learn that to get something you’ve never had, you have to do things you`ve never done. We had interviews this week and when I was talking with Hermana Heaton she told me that we are so blessed in the United States not because we have stronger testimonies but because our trial is to use our blessings to serve the people that don`t have the things we do. I love this work. I promise I will make you proud. I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Your son,
Elder Arbon

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