Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 69: "The best and the smartest missionary is the missionary that knows and teaches the basics."

This week was a really great week!!! Rivera is doing really well! I love it more and more every day! My companion is a great missionary. We get along very well and we work super hard together! He is from Ecuador! We are doing our best to get references from members, they have been giving us a few but we are really working with the menos activos. So they can reactivate and then they can bring their friends with them. The members are really good with lunches...we have lunch almost every day. This ward is a really good ward. Right now a lot of them are traveling for the holidays but our ward works really hard! On Thursday we had the opportunity to go down to Montevideo in order to have a meeting with President and all of the other zone leaders in the mission. It was amazing...the spirit was there so strong! We found two new families this week and one of the families came to church this week and are planning to be baptized the 8 of Feb! I cannot wait! The Elders here are all awesome...they work super hard. I have learned on my mission that the best or the smartest missionary isn´t the missionary that has the most amazing new technique. The best and the smartest missionary is the missionary that knows and teaches the basics. The Lord has said I delight in plainness, the Book of Mormon preaches in plainness.  Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ taught with plainness to Joseph Smith, and it is plainness that invites the spirit into a lesson and it is plainness in our lives that helps us live a Christ centered life! I love you guys and I hope you have a great week! 
Elder Arbon

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