Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 70: "I know Jesus was behind pushing me and pulling me."

This week was incredible!  My companion and I are living in a tree house basically, with just us two. I probably shouldn´t tell you but I think it is so funny. Our toilet doesn´t work, both of our sinks don´t work, in the kitchen there is a hole in the sink so the water goes down into a bucket, then we use that bucket to flush the toilet, the shower is broken so it´s just a hose, we have to sleep outside because it gets so hot at night because we live right above a bakery and their oven runs all night, none of the lights work so we study and plan in the kitchen, we have cockroaches the size of your palm, rats, and bats. It is so fun!!! This is what a mission should be like! My companion and I did 2 divisions (I went to the area of other elders and worked with them) and worked our heart out. This week we had 9 in church!!!!!! It was amazing! 9! God blessed us more than I could have imagined! It was so humbling and so incredible! Also President Bueno and his wife came to visit me...I love those two so much! It was so great to see them. This week we have been having a lot of problems with an Elder, he has been complaining of back problems and wants to go home. He also hasn´t been obeying to the best of his ability. So this week he is going to be working with me. I´m really excited to help fill the power of the spirit and have an experience in Christ. But this week was amazing...I have never been so tired and beat up in my life. But I know Jesus was behind pushing me and pulling me.
Elder Arbon 

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