Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 71: "have an experience in Christ."

The work here is going amazing! We were blessed this week with 7 investigators in the church and the assistance was 68 and we started at 40. The work is going really well! I wanted to talk to you about something. It is something I learned in Artigas. Read 3 Nephi 11:14. It is when Christ comes to the Americas after his Resurrection. He asks the Nephite people to come unto him and thrust (don´t just feel) the marks in his hands, feet, and his side. Why does he do that? He does that so the people can have an experience in him. So they can know for themselves that He is the Christ - 3 Nephi 11:15. When was the last time you had an experience in Christ? I learned how to have an experience in Christ, read Mathew 5:38-41. We must go the 2nd mile. We can´t just go through the motions...that´s the first mile. The second mile is...the thing that is hardest for us. 
I know you are going to kill me and I want to apologize before hand. We had interviews this week and I extended my mission from the 9th of September until the 9th of October. I want to be home with you but I love this work so much I don´t ever want to leave.  On Thursday we had interviews with President Smith. It was an amazing interview. After I left with the President to a lesson. It was truly amazing...I felt the spirit so strong!  
Elder Arbon  

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