Thursday, October 11, 2012

Week 3: "I look like I’m straight out of one of the Marine commercials."

Can you believe the missionary rule? I think that it is so crazy! The first thing I thought about was I guarantee Lysje will have her papers turned in by the end of the week!!! But I hope she comes to Uruguay...if I was her Zone Leader I would make her work so hard!!! Haha but I’m okay with it coming now then before I was 18, I needed to go down to Snow. I learned a lot down there! I think it should be required for all girls to go on a mission! It will be so good for Johnni to break out of her shell! I’m glad grandma’s surgery went well. I put her name in the Buenos Aires temple today. Yeah, I got a haircut. There’s this guy that comes into the CCM and cuts all the missionary’s hair for free. So I sat down and he butchered my hair. I look like I’m straight out of one of the Marine commercials. That’s awesome about Ridge winning their playoff game. I hope they take state. Not a lot happened this week. We didn’t get to go prosletismo because of conference. I actually listened to all of conference. It was so good. So many great talks. The Latinos left this week. It was kinda sad. My companion and I were so close with a lot of them. But we get 50 new guys tomorrow and 10 new gringos so that’ll be awesome. The language is coming along really well. I’m able to understand a majority of what the Latinos are saying but I’m not very good at speaking though. It makes me so mad because I’m working my tail off but this will teach me patience. We were playing futbol against the Latinos this week and this kid scored and started bragging to my face. In their culture it’s not bad like it is in the states to be in someone’s face. But I fired back, I realized I need to chill out. A scripture I really love is the scripture they quoted in conference three times, Isaiah 40:31 I think. I love it so much. But I love you and I miss you.
Elder Arbon

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