Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Week 6: "We have so much success, you can tell it`s all the spirit because our language is so bad."

I´m doing so good! Life is so good. The language is progressing so fast. You can tell the spirit is here helping the Elders. When Elder Doman got Johnni’s letter he wrote her back that second. I had to proofread it so it´ll have my signature at the bottom of the page! Haha I'm so happy for Cameron and Alysha!!!!!! I wish I could have been there...but please send a ton of pictures! Did Lysje get her call today? I´m so excited for her!!!! I really wish I could be there, she´s gonna be such a great missionary. I predict she´s gonna go to Uruguay, Montevideo West! Haha  I´m so proud of Johnni, Walk, and Mae for their grades. That is so awesome!!! But this week was really fun!!!! Saturday we got to go prosletismo again. We went back to teach a guy we taught last week and we taught him another lesson and he gave us some fruit. We tried to pay him but he wouldn´t let us. It´s so humbling to see people want to give so much when they have so little. All he owned was a little fruit stand outside his house. We had an Elder here who came with only one pair of pants, three shirts, one tie, and one pair of shoes. So all the missionaries got together and gave him some clothes and some money. We raised over 500 dollars. It was so cool to see how happy he was. He bought a suit and a camera. I´m gonna miss him. But the Latinos left Tuesday. I`m gonna miss those guys. They were so funny. We had one guy who used to be a crack dealer, he was hilarious. But how it works here is the seventh week you get a new companion and it`s a latino companion. I`m so excited for that! That will help me with the language so much. But we go tracting every Saturday! We have so much success, you can tell it`s all the spirit because our language is so bad. But the food is really good. But on Monday the power was out, I think the first time in my life I had to shower in cold water. It was way fun actually! Haha but since it`s all gringos here, the President’s wife went out and bought Mcdonalds for us. She is the sweetest lady. Last night my district slept in my room together because there`s no latinos. Tonight we`re gonna decorate our room with the decorations you sent and eat the candy grandma sent! I`m excited! Te amo!!!! 
Elder Arbon 

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