Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week 4: "It was so cool to actually give a lesson."

Como le va? I miss you. I really do!!! I love all the packages and letters. All of the Elders in my district get so mad because I get so many! But thank you so much. I just sent everybody some letters so I hope you get them soon. But I’m doing really well! It’s almost been a month, that’s crazy! It feels like just yesterday I was blowing you a kiss good bye going up the escalator. But I’m a little frustrated with the language, the problem is I want to already know the language. But I know it takes time so it’ll teach me patience. But I love my district, I love them so much. But I can’t wait to get to Uruguay, but I’m gonna miss the CCM. I love it here. I love my companions and I love playing futbol with the Latinos. But I’m glad you guys are doing well, I’m so jealous about your guys trip to Mexico to build houses and Lysje going through the temple. I wish I could be there. But this week was so good! We got a new group of Latinos and Gringos.  The first day they got here they played soccer with us and me and one of them both went up for a header and I broke his nose. I felt so bad!!!! But ever since then they’ve been scared of me and my district. On Saturday we went prosletismo. We weren’t as successful as last time but a lady invited us into her house and we gave her a 20 minute lesson. It was so cool to actually give a lesson. We asked her to say the closing prayer and she started to cry. It was so cool to see that! We gave her a Book of Mormon and she invited us back so that was such a good experience! I’m reading my scriptures in Spanish with the English scriptures right next to me so I can figure out a word I don’t know here and there. But next Wednesday Elder Bednar is coming. Crazy huh? I cant wait!
Elder Arbon

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