Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week 5: "My goal is to have my testimony be just as strong as his."

How are you? I miss you so much! You guys went on the Frontrunner? I`m so jealous...remember when we went? Hobos on the loose!!!! Haha Tell Walker HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I love him!!! Florider sounds fun...send me some pictures of that. How`s Johnni`s training going? When is the Halloween dance? Lysje will get her call on Halloween?!!! I`m excited for Cam and Alysha, I`m sad I can`t be there. I will try and send pictures next week. But this week was so much fun. Today Elder Bednar came and gave a devotional. There was only like 70 people total, I sat 20 feet from him. He is so funny, how he taught his lesson was he had people ask questions and he taught us by answering those questions. His testimony is so strong, my goal is to have my testimony be just as strong as his. One thing he taught us was no matter how hard you work, no matter how much you obey, you won´t get results until you get rid of ``I`` (being self-centered). The language is coming along really well. Discussions are good, I need to work on teaching two by two with my companion though. I just have so much to say but I need to realize the spirit will speak through both of us, not just me.  But we went prosletismo to a new area. They live so much different down here, it is so dirty. Trash is everywhere and there are drunk people during midday. But we had a lot of success. Three BOM, four lessons, and six referrals. We have a lesson with one of the guys we taught next week, I can`t wait! But we found some kids on the street and played soccer with them. It was so fun...they did work on us. Made us look like tards.  I`ve sent a ton of letters home so you should get them soon. And thank you so much for the packages and letters!!!!!! I`m so grateful!!! Please keep sending them! I know this church is true and Jesus is our Savior! Love you!
Elder Arbon
If you can send some healthy food, Ethan was right. Food isn`t all that healthy here. But can you find out the names of the 3 boys who carried people at Sweet Water Crossing as pioneers. Spanish hymns as well. Thank you for everything!!!!!!

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