Friday, January 4, 2013

Week 15: I`m so grateful for the Plan of Salvation because I get to be with my family forever.

I`m sorry I didn`t tell you last week that my p day was going to be today, I was just so excited to talk you guys I wasn`t thinking straight. But we had changes this week so whenever we have changes they switch the p day to Wednesday. But I`m so glad you got home safe from Mexico. I was so worried. But I`m glad you had a great experience, I just wish I could of been there to help. It sounded like you guys had so much fun! I`m excited for the pictures. I can`t wait until we can go in two years! But I`m sorry I was so emotional during the skype call. I know I`ve only been gone for 3 months but I`ve truly realized how important families are and how much I love my family.  I didn`t realize grandpa Alberts was such a talker. And I`m sorry about my comp during the skype call. He`s such a dork. He`s a 12 year old in a 21 year old body. But I really did love seeing you!
Heads up!
This week was so good. Two weeks ago I went on divisions with one of the zone leaders. It was so fun! A dog peed on my backpack and we got an investigator to commit to coming to church because she thought we were cute. My comp said she stared at me the whole time so I thought that was really funny! We were talking to an investigator and he said he didn`t really want to talk to us so we bet him that I could beat his son in an arm wrestling match. He agreed and I won! So fun! I know we`re not suppose to gamble, but hey, it worked!!! While eating at an inactive members house, they served us legitimate pig head. They put a real pig`s head on the table and we ate it. It was actually kinda of good though. Two days ago it rained all day and we didn`t bring our rain coats because it was so hot in the morning. We were soaked and my comp wanted to go home early but I thought it would be a great
opportunity to get into people`s houses because they would feel bad for us, but instead they all shut the doors in our face! I was really surprised! But we did find some really good investigators this week. I`m really excited about that!
I`m so grateful for the Plan of Salvation because I get to be with my family forever.
Your son,
Elder Arbon

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