Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 17: "The most important thing I have learned on my mission is how much Christ truly loves me and how important the atonement is."

I`m so good! I can`t tell you how much I love this work! Oh man, I love it! I love this work so much because.....I love my savior. I can`t tell you how much I`ve grown to love Jesus. And I`m positive because I know God loves me and only wants the best for me.
My bike is getting fixed so we have to stay with the Zone Leaders tonight so we`re going to do divisions with them.
Time is starting to go by too fast, it needs to slow down. I have so much to learn and so much to do. I haven`t got the backpack yet, hopefully I will get it tomorrow during district meeting, every Tuesday we have district meeting and that`s when they give us our letters and packages.  
I can truly feel my desires changing. I can`t tell you how much the gospel is beginning to change me. I can`t describe in words how much I love this church. I love this church and I love our Savior with all my heart. And because of that I`ve realized that family is so much more important to me than anything.

Week 17

My typical days is... I wake up at 6, workout for a half hour and then shower, eat, and get ready. At 7:30 I try to start to study. We have personal study from 8 to 9, companion study until 11, and then language study until 12. After we cook and eat lunch. After lunch it`s game time. We work until about 8:30 or 9 depending on if we`re in a lesson or not and then it`s time to head for home. We plan for a half hour to 45 minutes, grab a bite to eat, get ready for bed, and lights out at 10:30. But to be honest, the most important thing I have learned on my mission is how much Christ truly loves me and how important the atonement is. He suffered individually for me, every pain, sickness, sin, and trial. He could have quit, but because he loved me, he finished it. And because of that I can have true joy in this life and can live with my family forever in the next life. This week was really good though. On Thursday we had divisions with the zone leaders. I went with Elder Nuffer. He played football for Bingham. He and I are so much alike. Such a great guy, learned so much from him. On Saturday we had some ward baptisms, so awesome. I just can`t wait until I get to baptize someone. But tough week with investigators, we didn`t have anyone in church this week. But I know it`s just a test of faith and I need to just turn it over to Him. Good things are coming though, I can feel it!
I love you so much.
Your son,
Elder Arbon

Yo sè que esta iglesia es la unica iglesia verdadera en la tierra.

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