Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Week 18: "First comp...check!"

This week was a really good week. On Monday we played American football, I miss it so much! But we turned my bike into the bike shop in the morning and they said they would have it finished by 7:30 that day but we came back and they said it would be done in the morning. So we borrowed the Zone Leaders clothes, went on divisions with them, and slept in their house. Their house has so many mosquitoes, I woke up and it looked like I had chicken pox because of all the bites. At the zone meeting on Tuesday the zone leaders asked me to do a demonstration for them to show how distractions on the mission can hold you back. They had five guys hold onto me and told me to run to the door. I was so close to the door but all of us fell and they told us to stop, I was so close. Same comp, he`s hoping we get changed next change though. He`s not used to working hard. On Thursday my comp kept complaining he was so tired so on Friday he slept in and said he was `sick.` But he woke up and he was fine. He said that was the first time that has happened to him on his mission. First comp...check! Made me so mad though! On Saturday we talked to a group of drunk people. It was so fun and it actually worked out really well. They listened and participated in the lesson. Yesterday we had a member feed us alligator. I was surprised that it was actually pretty good! We had an investigator in church for the first time in a long time. Her name is Marta Pacifico. She is the lady I made a deal with that I wouldn`t eat sweets until she quit smoking and it worked, she quit and came to church! I`m so excited! That was truly a blessing and a miracle! This week I studied the importance of fasting. I learned fasting without prayer means nothing. The reason for the fast is to help us focus on the reason why we are fasting. I never really made that connection until this week. We fast because it makes us think I`m hungry and thirsty, and then we think why am I hungry and thirsty, and then that helps us focus on the reason why we`re fasting. And that makes our prayer so much more sincere. This week we taught a lady named Maria. She`s going through a really rough time in her life so we taught her how the church of Jesus Christ can help her overcome her challenges. I pictured her dressed in white not only in the font but in the temple as well. The members aren`t helping us out at all. They feed us once every two weeks and they give us no referrals. That`s okay though, just means I gotta do it! I really love the work and I am really beginning to love my mission. I`m so grateful for these challenges, gives me a chance to prove myself to God.  I got the tie mom, couldn`t believe it. We were going to church yesterday and this lady stopped us and said she had a package from the states. That was such a miracle! Who`s in the Superbowl? 
Your son,
Elder Arbon

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