Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 28: "Feliz Pascua"

Things are going so well. We´re having a lot of success. We´re having trouble finding people but we are getting a lot of help from the members. Last week we had 18 with member. Crazy hu! We were so blessed. This week was a really good week. Not a lot happened but Maria is getting baptized tonight, I can´t wait. But we´ve been teaching this couple Santiago y Kati. Santiago was the guy who stopped us when we were going home one night. He´s a member but his girlfriend isn´t. He wants to come back to church and wants to bring her with him. She really likes the church and wants to be baptized but we can´t baptize her because they live together and are not married. They want to get married but they can´t because she´s only 16 and her mom won´t sign the paper for her to get married. She won´t sign it because if she does Kati´s father won´t send them money and her mom really needs that money because she´s a prostituta. Crazy hu? But we´re doing a fast for them next Sunday so we´ll know what to do soon.  
The church beautiful, it´s not as big as the ones in the United States but it´s super nice. It is actually the first capilla in South America. Cool hu! But our apartment is so nice, it´s the nicest apartment in the misión. There are two rooms, two bathrooms, one living room, a full size cocina, washer and dryer, and it´s on the fourth floor over looking the beach. Man we are so blessed! I feel like I´m at home with how spoiled I am. Yes, the secertarios stay with us in the house as well. We do get warm showers everyday, depends on when you take it though. We have a tiny water heater so usually only the first two or three people get warm showers. But our last one broke so we didn´t have one for 2 weeks. I loved it, I actually felt I was in South America. But we have a great ward so we get a lot of lunches from members but usually we go to a nearby almacen or supermercado to buy something and eat it really quick because we don´t have a lot of time to sit down and eat. Weather is cooling down a ton, we have to wear our sweaters now.
I got a call Wednesday from the mom of Rosanna (our neighbor here in Pleasant View) and today we´re going to go try and eat with them. I´m so excited, that´ll be a lot of fun and a good oppurtunidad para enseñarle.
I want to wish all of you a Feliz Pascua. I also want to bear my testimony that Jesus lives and he broke the bands of death so we can live with him and our families again. I love Jesus Christ, my Savior, my Redeemer, and my Brother, with todo mí corazon. I know without a doubt that he lives, he loves us, and only through him we can live with our family again. I can´t express in words how grateful I am for his perfect life, his atonement for each us individually, his death, and especially his resuracción. I know he broke the bands of death so we can as well. I love him with every fiber of my being and I am going to do the best I can to glorify his name in everything I do. Les amo todo.
Con amor y honra,
Elder Arbon

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