Saturday, April 6, 2013

Week 29: "I´m hungry for another!"

This week was a great week! Our P-Day was changed to today because la Conferencia General is tomorrow and we want to go work in the field to bring as many people as we can. But this week was a really good week. On Saturday, Rosanna´s mom came and said hi to my companion and I. She wanted to take us to Ciudad Vieja and to go visit her mother but we didn´t communicate very well so I only got to see her for like 15 minutes. But they were such nice people and it was really good to see them. After we had the baptism for Maria. It was awesome. By far one of the best moments of my mission. But it was about a half hour before the baptism and we forgot to fill up the font. And it usual takes about 4 hours to fill it up. But we started it and by the time the baptism was about to start it was completely full. Fue un milagro! But the baptism was perfect, you could truly feel the spirit there. Funny story I put her in the water she let her legs float up and as I started to lift her up she didn´t put them down. I thought she would  put them down so I waited a few seconds to see if she would but she couldn´t. So we sat there me holding her like a baby. After the few seconds I had to drop her and then hurry and catch her. It was super funny! But after she came out of the water I wanted to give her a hug so bad but I was afraid I might give her a heart attack so I held back! But I really could feel the spirit, I´m hungry for another! On Sunday we had a really good service about la Pascua. We also were really blessed with another investigator. His name is Nico, he´s the boyfriend of one of the members of our ward. After church we had a lesson with him and gave him a fetcha and he accepted. They rest of the week was a lot of fun. On Tuesday we were walking in the street next to this warehouse and there were about 15 kids playing futbol in the parking lot. So we hopped right in and played for a few minutes. It was a lot of fun! On Wednesday it was concilio for all the zone leaders so we were running around all day taking them places. Thursday we woke up early and helped a non-member family move. It was really good because it helped them spark an interest in the church. But fa, I can´t wait until la Conferencia General! I promise if you watch or listen to it with a question in your mind you will receive an answer, without a doubt! Amo esta obra con todo mí corazon! Tenga una buena semana. Les amo!
Elder Arbon 

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