Friday, April 26, 2013

Week 31: "God loves us enough to give us covenios to show us his love."

This week was a really good week. Not a lot happened because we´re just getting ready for cambios next week. I´m really excited for them though. I will be getting a new comp.  His name is Elder Gudmundson from Orem. He´s only been in the mission for two cambios but we´re going to get a lot of work done. This week I took over as Head Financiero. It´s been really good, talking with dueños and getting all the bills paid. This week we´ve been working really hard with Kati and Santi. We´re just waiting for his papers to come in from his other ward so he can have a an interview with the bishop to become worthy to baptize her. But it´s been really good working with them, we´ve been able to see the changes in their life. They´ve changed completely. Now Santi leaves every night to go sleep at the house of Kati´s sister and her husband so they can keep the Law of Chastity and both of them quit smoking. I love those two. But this week we had a meeting with President about the changes and he shared something with us that I loved. He talked about Convenios, our first Convenio is baptism, next is the temple, and the third is the Santa Cena cada semana. I thought a lot about it a lot this week. A lot of people here think that they can do whatever they want and "believe in their own way" and they think God will save them at the last day. I feel so bad for them. God loves us enough to give us covenios to show us his love. Not only is it a promise but it´s a contract. He´s obligated to bless us if we keep the commandments. People think they can do whatever they want and he´ll bless us. It´s not that way, he gave us convenios to show us he will bless us and he has showed us the way. Fa, amo esta obra. Sorry it was a short email, it´s my comp´s last p-day here so we had to do a lot of stuff. But I hope you all have a great week. Les amo.
Elder Arbon

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