Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week 40: "Have your focus on the One but your heart to everyone."

This week was a really good week! We didn´t have as many in church as we wanted this week but one of them was Kati. Faw, I love her and Santi So much. I cannot wait for her baptism. We´ve worked so hard with her and we´re going to have her baptism here in a few weeks. But this week we were working a lot with the family of Willy. On Wednesday we had a great lesson with the bishop. We talked about the restoration. He is a really good teacher. But please, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ your calling is to share your testimony and nothing more. Your calling isn´t to share Lesson 1, 2, 3, or the law of chastity or tithing or the word of wisdom. Your calling is to first be an example through your actions, and then it is to share what you know to be true, your testimony. Don´t try to say what the missionaries would say, sometimes and a lot of times that scares away people and it´s the missionaries job. We have been set apart to teach those things, we have the power and authority to teach. Please, be an example to those around you and then when you get the chance to share the Gospel, share the "soft things". Share how the church has blessed your life, how families can be together forever, or your love for the savior. But this week we had a capacitaci├│n about the importance of families and not just individuals. That families are the purpose of the church and this gospel. Families are where true joy and peace are and they are truly the kingdom of God on this Earth. I know this to be the one and only true church. I know that the only way to return to live with our Heavenly Father is through the sacred ordinance of baptism, the covenants we make in the temple, through the Holy Priesthood of God, and through the weekly participation of the sacrament and the renewing of our covenants. I know the windows of Heaven are opened. I know God listens, talks, and answers the prayers of his children through the power of the Holy Ghost. I know we can receive this divine relation through the keeping of our covenants, obedience to the commandments, diligent studies, honest prayer, and service. I know the atonement has the power to heal, to cleanse, to empower, and to change. Have your focus on the One but your heart to everyone.  
Elder Arbon

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