Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 48: Experience, belief, actions, results.

This week was an amazing week. It started off with a blessing from a teenager named Franco. We were having our weekly ward activity and he came with a member. We were playing futbol and he came up to me and asked how he could be a part of this church. It was amazing, such a blessing! He saw the blessings that come from this Gospel and now he wants it in his life. Also, this week we were blessed with zone conference and stake conference. Such a spiritual experience! President Smith is such an example to me. I know he holds the keys to this mission. He changed the entire mission. How we teach, how we plan, everything. One thing he taught was a pyramid with four words. Experience (Bottom), belief, actions, and results (Top). A lot of people try to change results by changing actions. He taught that we change our results by changing our experiences, which change our beliefs, which change our actions, and then it changes our results. How we`re changing that is our lessons have always been 45 minutes long. He told us that after 20 minutes people lose interest and the spirit leaves. Our lessons are now 20 minutes long filled with the spirit. We leave them wanting more so then we come back the next day and then the next day. Also he read us a scripture 2 Nefi 32:8 that talks about Prayer. But he went deeper. It says if we hearken (listen and obey) to the spirit we will know that it will be good for us. We can apply that to our lives by listening to the whispers of the spirit, acting upon them, then we will know that it is good for us, and then we can testify with power. I want to bear testimony with power that this is the work of our Lord and Savior. My goal is to become his servant and an instrument in his hands. I love you all and I hope you have a good week.
Elder Arbon

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